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About Us

My Mission
Whether you have never owned a Muscle Car or whether you have a stable of them, it is my mission to help you define, find, restore and bring to your doorstep (worldwide) your Dream Muscle Car. If you need original, hard-to-find parts, I will find them. When that time comes part with your “baby,” I’ll be sure to find her a good home.

About Me?
DreamWorks MuscleCars is just me (for now). I am a CPA who was a little bored with the whole “bean counter thing” and decided to follow my passion and see if I couldn’t make a business of it.

I was born the son of a car guy. I did not have a chance to be anything but; it was in my DNA. My Dad was an accountant by day, a college student by night and the neighborhood mechanic on the weekends. My job, at four years old, was to follow my dad around the neighborhood on Saturday mornings and carry “the screwdriver.” With my Dad’s head under the hood I waited for those magical words, “hand me the screwdriver,” to which I would reply, “here 'ya go Dad” as I handed it up to him. Those are my earliest recollections of my interaction with cars.

I was always an entrepreneur. From the age of 11 to 18, I had a thriving lawn business. You know, before the advent of the “landscaper”. I bought my first car at 16. My Uncle Tom, who lived next door, had a 1955 Chevy 210 with 55k original miles. It was a 265 V8 that had been sitting for many years. The body was in nice shape and the interior was near perfect. Even the clock and radio worked. Uncle Tom told me he was going to put the car in the paper (well before internet ads and EBay) and before he knew it, I showed up at his front door with $150 and the car was mine. From that time I WAS ABSOLUTLEY HOOKED! I did a “rattle can restoration” and sold that car for $950. My dad couldn’t believe how much money I had made in only a few weeks (neither could I). I flipped another 3 cars before I even got my license at 17.

Fast forward thirty plus years and countless cars later…I’m going for it. DreamWorks MuscleCars has been brewing in me and now it’s time. I’ve searched, found, restored and sold numerous cars for myself and others. I have had many successes and have made many mistakes. Whether it’s a “driver” you want or a Concours restored car, I can help. My business plan is to share my experience to help you avoid the pitfalls (and expense) of purchasing the wrong car.

I currently show a 1972 Chevelle SS454 Convertible, one of approximately 70 made and 24 known to exist. Besides various ACES (American Chevelle Enthusiasts Society) events, this car has won AACA’s (Antique Automobile Club of America) First Junior, First Senior and Grand National awards. It has scored 398.5 out of a possible 400 points at an all Chevelle show. I strive for perfection.

In February 2011 this Chevelle was invited as one of 50 worldwide to participate in the Kuwait Concours d’Elegance and took Best Musclecar. In addition to the Chevelle, I am currently building a 1972 Olds 442 Convertible with a BTR built 496 / M22Z powertrain. Yes, I too am addicted to Muscle Cars - I understand your disease.