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August 29, 2011

This is a letter of recommendation for Stanley Kryla CPA and DreamWorks MuscleCars LLC.
I found a 1972 Chevelle SS 454 online. The car looked great and was what I was looking for. In today’s internet world sometimes things are not what they seem and because of other commitments I was unable to take the time to look at the car and handle the arrangements. Rick Nelson, a respected Chevelle authority, suggested I contact Stanley Kryla at DreamWorks MuscleCars LLC. This was the best decision I ever made buying a car. From start to finish, Mr. Kryla handled everything from a complete inspection to running the factory numbers. He let me know everything about the car both good and bad, no smoke and mirrors. When I decided to make the purchase he handled it all, overseeing the financial transaction and payment, collecting the extras that came with the car, hiring and scheduling the shipping, sending me the necessary documents. From start to finish, DreamWorks MuscleCars was there. I highly recommend that anyone seeking or buying a classic Muscle Car to contact Stanley Kryla at DreamWorks MuscleCars LLC.

Best Regards,
Gill Warmoth

May 10, 2011

This letter is written as a formal recommendation for Mr. Stanley J Kryla, CPA and DreamWorks MuscleCars LLC. I recently had the opportunity to work with Stan on the location of a rare muscle car and was very satisfied with his performance. He was able to locate a car of interest very quickly and it completely met my requirements. He was professional and courteous throughout our experience. Simply put, I will gladly deal with Stan again on the location and purchase of a rare muscle car and that should say it all.

Chuck Anastos